About Tenfit Imprints


Our Story.
Our Mission.

TenFit started as an apparel brand, traveling the Southeast United States attending CrossFit competitions and selling t-shirts.

During our travels, we met many box owners, gym owners, and fitness coaches who soon realized we were printing all of our own shirts. When asked by some of these new friends if we would be willing to print the shirts for their gyms, we jumped at the opportunity. Eventually, this would lead to the birth of TenFit Imprints.

At TenFit we focus our efforts on fitness and sports related brands because we feel like this allows us to know our clients needs in a way that being a generalized print shop cannot.

We have a passion for the apparel and fitness industries and are proud to be involved with both!

About the Owner

Tim Haney is…well, he just is. Growing up in Santa Rosa Beach, FL in the 80’s and 90’s, Tim spent most of that time playing baseball, skateboarding, and hanging drywall with his dad (Also, Tim Haney btw).

When adulthood inevitably happened, he got a “real job” at one of those fancy corporate outfits instead of pursuing his planned career of being a restaurateur. He did eventually make an attempt to realize that dream by leasing a restaurant on 30A called Ballyhoo. You may remember the place for it’s “Cleanest Smelling Bathrooms on 30A” or “Our Food Doesn’t Suck Anymore” marquis signs. Then again, you may not.

During the late 2000’s and early 2010’s Tim spent his nights DJ’ing and being the self proclaimed “Best Karaoke Host on the Coast.” Somewhere along the way, in the early, Tim got the bright idea to start a t-shirt business. He purchased some equipment, and began to learn the trade.

From that point, he taught himself how to use design software and started printing!

During this journey, Tim found work in a screen printing shop to learn more about the industry’s ins and outs. That job lead to the eventual founding TenFit Imprints.